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Elan Vital Employer ID Info

Nonprofit Locater Results

Because the address is a Post Office Box number, one cannot view a map locating this organization..

Fed_Employer_ID_Number: 237174539
Organization_Name: ELAN VITAL INC
Care of:
Address: PO BOX 6130
State: CA
Zip: 90264-6130
Group Exem: 0000
Subs. Code: 03
Affil. Code: 0
Class Code: 1
Ruling Date: 197112
Deduct. Code: 1
Foundation: 10 [church - is this a joke?]
Activity: 059001000
Organization Code: 1
Jurisdiction: 95 [california]
Advanced Ruling Expr: 0000
Tax Period:
Asset Code: 0
Income Code: 0
Filing Req.:
Acct. Period:
NTEE Code:
Sort Name:

Source: Nonprofit Locator

A similar search under Colorado for both EV & DLM yielded no results.

Allowing for the fact that some sites may have incomplete records, there does seem to be some discrepancies here. Also, none of the numerous sites listing Nonprofit corporation public records have anything on EV beyond basic location and status info. So if you are interested in financial data, I guess you'll just have to request their last 3 year's Form 990s (see previous post).

Mind you, if you want complicated, a cursory search on the same site for Scientology revealed 38 records in CA alone! (BTW they are in the same category as EV - 'Church' Probably because the Feds don't have a category number for 'cults'!)