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Sun, Feb 06, 2000 at 06:19:27 (GMT)


rupee murdoch





donner ,books,amtext
To anyone, esp. Joey and Roger...

To respond to a few questions-
The donner book dealings were done in the mid to late 80's, not the 70's. He didn't intend to take on amtext, but was put in that position, or given that opportunity to do so in the 1985-1988 time frame, or maybe even later than that...It definitely was not in the 70's...

He did present an extremely real challenge at the time, as chuck nathan and the boys saw the premie support begin to bolt from amtext in some pretty real numbers...his threatened law suit stopped the uprising fairly quickly.
Donner definitely did not give any money to m, as he was against m by that i said before, he wasn't trying to topple amtext, but rather trying to make his own fortune in the book business,but i am sure he didn't mind taking their business away in a competitive business sense either...

Amtext currently employs many non-premies, who know nothing of m's involvement with the company. A few have suspected something at different times and have left, usually to do the same business for another book company like follett or arkansas books...
I believe chuck nathan formally signed the company over to m a few years ago and is an employee of it,and ceo, while m actually owns it.
I would guess amtext takes in about 20 million volume per year, with about 2-3 million ending up in m's bank account. These are educated guesses, but fairly accurate.
Amtext also has an office in London, and is trying to open up new book deals with eatern european countries. Henry Rief, the original trainer in the US, works there..
Current work force in the US is about 200-300 buyers, probably half are non-premies, half are premies. They range from very part time to full time workers....

Let me know if you have other questions....